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The PMU industry and how it emancipated new professionals

by Simone Resende 17 Feb 2020 0 Comments

Even though permanent makeup has been around forever, it is just now that is has caught wide attention since some Hollywood stars have adapted to the new big and bold or hyper-realistic brows. The beauty of this industry is that it has allowed the emancipation of so many men and women that have been able to develop a new career that didn’t fit exactly in the hair or skincare industries. 

These PMU professionals have found a purpose in their lives and they have a true passion for what they do. Statistics show that the numbers of both, professionals and clients of PMU are just growing and so are the regulations for PMUs as each State in the US catches up with it. 

Technology is in our favor though, and manufacturers are creating new exciting tools, pigments, and accessories all of the time. And for this reason, we bring you Beauty Built Shop, so you can find the best options that fit your budget and that will help you deliver the best services to your clients!

Simone Resende - President of Beauty Built

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