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Florida Guest Tattoo Artist License Registration

by Simone Resende 06 Apr 2021 0 Comments

Did you know that if you are a Florida non-resident you can apply for a Florida Guest Tattoo Artist License?

But what is this GUEST license exactly?

It’s a license that allows Florida non-residents to be able to work in Florida for up to 14 consecutive days. However, you must have an active and acceptable tattoo license/registration/certification issued from a jurisdiction outside of Florida, i.e., from one of the “qualified” States listed below.

The benefits of this perk are many:

  • A fee of U$35 (Thirty-Five US Dollars) for a Guest Tattoo License instead of the full $60 plus (Sixty US Dollars) required for a regular Florida Tattoo Artist License;
  • No late fees are applicable for when you need to renew it;
  • You don’t have to worry about the Establishment License or Biomedical Waste Permit, which have already been taken care of by the commercial establishment that will accept you as an artist for 14 consecutive days;
  • Depending on your State you will not have to re-take a Bloodborne Pathogens Test in order to apply for the Guest Tattoo License.

All in all, this is definitely a great opportunity for tattoo/PMU/microblading artists looking to participate in Florida events, classes or beauty shows where there will be tattooing practice on live models.

Here is the list of acceptable states and countries:

Alaska, Arkansas




Maine, Mississippi, Missouri

New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina

Oklahoma, Oregon (No need for a BBP test)

Puerto Rico (No need for a BBP test)

Rhode Island

South Dakota


Vermont, Virginia

Washington, Wisconsin

Portsmouth in the United Kingdom

Italy (No need for a BBP test)

If your State is not listed above, you might have to apply for a regular Florida Tattoo Artist License.

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