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Tattoo Remoov


Tattoo Remoov

Aftercare 20g


Protects your skin, makes skin permanently moisturized. COMPOSITION (100% ORGANIC). Fruit oil; Flower extract; Olea fruit oil; Beeswax (naturally secreted by honeybees); Lavender; Sun flower; Sea Algae; Vitamins A, D & E; Petroleum,...

Dermo Power

Dermo Power Kit


Developed by the Linda Paradis Group, the Dermo Power Kit is an ALL-IN-ONE Tattoo Removal-Permanent Makeup-Mesotherapy device with a powerful and quiet German motor, and a very sturdy pen that provides great stability to the cartridge and needle in all...

Tattoo Remoov

Scarcare Gel 30ml


Use Mega-Power Scarcare Gel for Quick Healing   The Scarcare Gel utilizes the healing power of Arnica Montana Flower, a deep-rooted mountain plant known for its medical properties. The easily absorbing gel works to help reduce inflammation,...

Tattoo Remoov

Starter Kit


The Starter Kit contains:   1 Tattoo Removal bottle of 15 ml; 1 Box of Needles TR88 Containing 10 Needles; 1 Cleanser Gel; 5 Aftercare; 5 Scarcare; 1 T-Shirt; 1 Headband...

Tattoo Remoov

TM Purifying Cleanser Gel


Effectively cleans skin from makeup, dirt, oil and impurities, clinically shown to reduce dead cells by 90%, this purifying cleanser gel opens pores to help TATTOO REMOOV TM to be in contact with tattoo pigment particles without drying the skin ...

Dermo Power

Cartridge 88RS - 0.30mm


Cartridge exclusive to Dermo Power Pen by Linda Paradis Group. FEATURES • Patented magnetic cartridge needle technology;• Cartridge has a stronger built than most brands;• Fits tightly to the Dermo Power Pen;• Single...