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Pre & Post

Tattoo Remoov

Aftercare 20g - Tattoo Remoov


Protects your skin, makes skin permanently moisturized. COMPOSITION (100% ORGANIC). Fruit oil; Flower extract; Olea fruit oil; Beeswax (naturally secreted by honeybees); Lavender; Sun flower; Sea Algae; Vitamins A, D & E; Petroleum,...

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Numpot Gold Ointment - 1oz


Soothing, moisturizing topical anesthetic that protects the skin; Safe for before, during and after procedure on eyelids, brows, lips and areola; Works on thin skin and mucous membranes within about 15 minutes; Once the skin is opened switch to Tag...

Tattoo Remoov

Purifying Cleanser Gel - Tattoo Remoov


Effectively cleans skin from makeup, dirt, oil and impurities, clinically shown to reduce dead cells by 90%, this purifying cleanser gel opens pores to help TATTOO REMOOV TM to be in contact with tattoo pigment particles without drying the skin ...

Tattoo Remoov

Scarcare Gel 30ml - Tattoo Remoov


Use Mega-Power Scarcare Gel for Quick Healing   The Scarcare Gel utilizes the healing power of Arnica Montana Flower, a deep-rooted mountain plant known for its medical properties. The easily absorbing gel works to help reduce inflammation,...

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Tag #45 Gel Topical - 30g


Tag 45 - Gel and Duration Gel Safe and effective anesthetic for use on opened skin; Controls pain, bleeding and swelling once the skin is open; Complies with FDA regulations. INGREDIENTS 4% Lidocaine with epinephrine; Tetracaine free...



Zensa Numbing Cream - 30g (1.06oz)

$47.00 $39.49

Create a comfortable experience for your clients. Zensa Topical Anaesthetic prepares and numbs skin prior to painful procedures including microblading, laser hair removal and injections. This Health Canada and FDA approved formulation is used by...